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*Arbitrary combinations series

Architectural hardware products exclusively through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, and its main products : Sliding Door Tracking Fittings, Closet Door Fittings,Partition Door Fittings,Fold Door Fittings, Curtain Track Fittings, a series of fixed drying racks, Cupboard Door series of metal accessories and arbitrary combinations series. In addition to these products, series of these products are also available for customization.

Construction and related products, metal products have passed the quality test certification domestic product of modern science, has repeatedly by the Beijing Municipal Building Materials Quality Control Association awarded honorary certificates, as recommended by the building materials management, product promotion, and awarded various certificates, which are widely used in major hotels and apartment district, such as : the Great Hall of the People, Five Continental Hotel, Caley Hotel, Xinqiao Hotel, the International Club, the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel, the Supreme People's Court, the Asia Hotel and Xiyuan Hotel, and so on.

Our aim is to "quality first, and service-oriented" and hope to be able to service more clients.





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